Cafés and Restaurants in Norwich

Cafés and Restaurants in Norwich

Food lovers are not left out on a visit to Norwich. Get some details about the best restaurant options in the city. Here are only a few honourable mentions:

Merchants of Spice

Visit Merchants of Spice to add some spice to your trip. Thorpe St. Andrew in the city centre and also Colegate dishes up some of the best Indian food in Norwich. Treat yourself to one of their delectable curry dishes.

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Gem of Norwich

The Gem of Norwich is located near the Norwich Train Station. They serve tasty Turkish food – with a menu that is bound to add some Turkish flair to your visit. Visitors to this establishment give it an average of 4 out 5 stars.

The Benoli

This fine dining establishment dishes up Italian food with homemade pasta to tickle the tastebuds of travellers making a stop. They also serve some meals that are more familiar to residents, like Oxtail.

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This is arguably the place to go for pizza in Norwich. The brick has a huge wood-fired pizza oven – where pizzas are slowly baked to perfection. They also offer free delivery for people who stay nearby. This pizza house is known to have an exceptional customer satisfaction rating.

The Bicycle Shop

This restaurant was once a bicycle shop a few decades ago. The old building was renovated, but its classic architecture and feel were preserved. It is now a funky café, providing customers with a little nostalgia of life in the late 20th century. This is a prime location for having brunch in Norwich.

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Woolf and Social

This is by far the highest-rated restaurant in Norwich. Guests can spoil themselves with some real British food and enjoy special occasions with friends and family. The décor is reminiscent of British life and culture. This is the place to be for visitors who want to either feel at home or to immerse themselves in a truly British experience.

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Roger Hickman’s

This restaurant has a modern British feel to it, with a setting that will inspire admirers of Chic. The establishment does not offer takeaways or delivery as a measure to encourage people to come and experience the vibe. The food served here is prepared by a well-known chef. One thing is for sure, people who visit Roger Hickman’s always return for more.

With all these fine restaurants and cafés to indulge in, make sure you make a reservation well in advance before arriving. For more details about visiting restaurants and cafés in Norwich, sign up here!

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