Where to Stay in Norwich

Where to Stay in Norwich

Not everyone is lucky enough to afford luxury accommodation. The following stays are divided into three categories, namely budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodation, to make your stay in Norwich comfortable.

Budget Accommodation

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The Travelodge is located alongside a river, and it comes with well-furnished rooms, and the staff members are quite friendly.

The Premier Inn Hotel is a short drive out of the city, but it is clean and comfortable for travellers not looking to linger. The rates are fairly cheap, and the rooms are quite comfortable.

Mid-Range Accommodation

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The Holiday Inn is a three-star hotel, and it can be found beside the city’s football stadium. Guests can treat themselves to the restaurants nearby and a gym on-site.

The Western Annesley House Hotel is another mid-range option. The hotel has breath-taking views, a garden with a koi pond, and a number of other notable attractions in the area.

Luxury Accommodation

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For visitors who are not afraid to spend a little more than the average tourist, The Giles Boutique is the perfect getaway for a couple. The sleepover is only a short walk from the famous Norwich cathedral. The upper-class B&B features stylish rooms and suites of the highest quality. Visitors will also enjoy gourmet dishes.

St. Giles House Hotel is equally luxurious, with rooms and suites to accommodate special guests. Experience a quiet terrace, spa, and on-site dining.

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